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About Us

The company "Marti 89" is a European based Company which offers only high-quality stretch ceilings from the leading European manufacturers.

Due to the presence of variety of textures, colours, and possibilities of print, stretch ceilings fit into any planned interior.

 Thinking of surprising your the neighbours and friends?

We will help you to solve these problems by introducing you to the novelty in the interior STRETCHED CEILINGS.

We present various colours, designs, and installation methods.

With a wealth of experience in the Cabinet Business, Marti89 offer Customised, Modern Designed bedroom and Kitchens Cabinets.

Our Forte is designing Customised Furniture with hidden compartments which serves as a practical storage space while incorporating our eliquent  designs.

Our Customised Upholstery Furniture is manufactured from the best possible materials, while projecting your personal style and taste.

When installing Suspended Ceilings you get a lot of advantages:



5 years guarantee

Technical testing confirmed that the ceilings do not lose their colour and firmness during 50 years. We stand behind the quality and guarantee from the manufacturer 5 years.


Quality materials

We do ceilings MSD using only high-quality materials without the smell and toxins.



Much more economical than installing any other types of ceiling!


 Work Completed Quickly                            

The Stretch Ceiling for your order takes a maximum of 30 days. Installation is carried out within 1 – 3 days depending on the complexity of the work.


​We work purely

 You don't have to take a bunch of debris, to breathe the dust pan and floors.

Most importantly, our Stretch Ceilings are:

Fire Proof and Waterproof


Stretched Ceilings

A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track.
In addition to ceilings the system can be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes.

Custom Kitchens

Marti89 is a Specialises in  Kitchen and built in Kitchen Cupboards. Our unique designs are based on our years of experience in the kitchen manufacturing business , We are based in the Western Cape and offer a full range of built in cabinets for Kitchens with various Designs and Finishing.

Custom Bedrooms

Marti89 designs and manufacture Bedroom Designer Cupboard  and Bedroom Suite.
We assist our Clients from conceptualisation right through to the manufacturing process.. We offer a full range of Bed Designs and Cabinets with various Designs and Finishing.
Our Clients include the Honourable Bishop Tutu.

Door & Panel Printing

Marti89 Specialises in state of the art Digital Panel Printing. on Kitchen Doors, Windows, Mirrors and Hard Board etc.
We use the most advanced digital technology to date.
Advanced technology allows for customisation and personalisation according to our Clients needs
If you want a kitchen or bedroom with a unique Design we will gladly assist..

Customised Upholstery Furniture

Marti89 Produces Customised One of a Kind Upholstery Furniture.
All furniture are customed Designed according to your Clients needs.
Here as well, we will consult and propose the best options according to your style and budget.

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