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TARGET SHOOTING GAMES   (from left to right)
Target games can be used with your choice of slingshot, toy guns with soft bullets, sucker bullets, bow and arrow, cross bow, water gun or potato gun. They are great as an adventure/bootcamp/combat/super hero/pirate party in your own back yard or add two with the other games for a carnival party
1. Bow target/sucker ball toss(balls have sucker cups) 
2. Duck target 5 
3. Yellow bulls eye target-bow
4. Duck target 4
5. Bull’s eye chamo-bow
6. Ping pong target watergun
7. Stack targets(watergun/slingshot)



8. Bean bag toss
9. Classic Ring toss
10. Angry Birds Ball tossing game(throw the pigs out) 
11. Looney tunes – throw a ball at the hanging chickens(for younger players, the chickens crow very loudly when squeezed!)
 12. Classic ball toss-the large opening for younger players or for a challenging play, player is to throw balls threw two smaller holes.
13. Classic Bottle ring toss – 40 bottles on a table –toss the ring around the bottle or for a more challenging play – bottles have different patterns, try to throw the rings around two matching bottles!
14. Hoop Ball
15. Tic tac tow- Velcro ball toss


  16. Spinning wheel-guess your colour and see if it will stop spinning on your colour/ allocate a prize on one or all colour to see what you win.
17. Frog race / crocodile lake– (A)multi players can race each other to see who’s frog jumps the furthest (B) 1 player tries to land his frog on either the lily pad or lotus flower to get points. If it lands in the water the crocodiles will catch him!
18. Magnetic darts/balloons
20. Froggie hop. Try and hop the frog in the pond.
21. Wheel of fortune- great for kids parties, adult parties and fundraisers.
22. Pigs targets
23. Bowling
24. Lucky fishy-magnetic fish
25. Mini hole in one putt-putt
26. Duck pond – hook the duck
27. Bowling fancy – decorated bowls with flashy lights
19. SpongeBob blind folding game – pin SpongeBob’s tie!/sucker balls-toss in his mouth.
28. Below-ping pong toss
  • image-4
  • 29. Octopus game-ping-pong or sticky octopus crawlers, see if the crawl into the cups-great fun for younger players
    30. Snappy fish-rotating battery operator fish with mouths opening and closings
    31. Balloon pop(photo not included) with darts
    32. Treasure dig- presented in a large shell or in smaller container for indoors. 3 digs in the sand to see if you can find the colour pebble.
    33. New water gun game with suspended ping pong ball and ducks as targets
    34. Gem stones-in the treasure dig sand, but mixed with gem stones and they can fill a big or choose 5 each at R150 extra.
    35. Putt-putt challenge-new longer board with fake grass finishes and L-shaped

    new target shooting games

    36. Duck target shooting
    37. Spinderman taget shooting at ben 10 aliens with a fly gun 
    38. Laser tag gun- bulls eye.
    39. Chamo spinner target shooting-


    Props: Welcome to the carnival, silly photo stand, décor-flags





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