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‘Qualified Installers Securing your perimeter the right way'
Building a good electric fence is like anything else, you get out what you put in.
If you use the proper equipment and maintain the fence the result will be a permanent structure. 
Our electric fencing offer: 
• Our fencing produce a maximum voltage of 9900 volts 
• Fence light to indicate fence is on/off
• A siren and strobe light activates if the fence is tampered with
• A remote can be used to activate and de-activate the fence.
• The advantage of linking your electric fence to your alarm system & armed response
• All equipment is purchased from a reputable company using only Nemtek products 
We offer the following:
• 12 month guarantee on all new installations. 
• Issuing of Compliance certificate’s
• Servicing 
• Monthly maintenance contracts
• All areas of Cape Town



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